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BWIC 2.0
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BWIC 2.0

€2,295.00 HT

Counter-top wok new version


This year, our Bioline BWIC wok gets a new design. An induction wok from the Adventys Bioline range, this appliance is designed for wok cooking with a suitable pan (a wok pan is included with the product).

Adventys manufactures its own wok bowl size inductors that fit perfectly on the glass ceramic for more even and precise cooking. Thanks to the stainless steel rim, the pan does not rest directly on the glass ceramic, preventing any risk of breakage in the event of an impact.

This appliance is always available in a 3000 or 3600W version, and its power is perfectly distributed and controllable via the integrated control panel with touch-sensitive buttons. It has a start button and 2 power selection buttons, as well as a timer button that lets you set a timer for up to 99 minutes.

  • Saucepan included
  • Even cooking 
  • Fast heat-up
  • Ultra-fast cleaning
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