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Induc-Elegance - 1 zone buffet

1 zone buffet

€960.00 HT

Customizable 1 zone induction buffet


The Induc-Elegance Adventys is deosigned for buffet use to keep warm food. Its minimalist, trendy and customizable design makes it easily adaptable to your environment. Designed to keep your food at temperature, you can choose between two powers: 300W or 1000W. Using the control panel you start the device and simply control the power level.

Its small size of 390x390mm makes it light and easily transportable (carrying case optional). You can stack several products without risk thanks to the protective bumpers in each of the angles.

The Induc-Elegance has the advantage of being completely customizable according to your desires! You can choose one of our four standard models or choose to customize the legs and fronts.

This appliance is compatible with GN2/3 gastro containers.

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