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MO4NL 16000W

Data sheet

Stainless steel / vitroceramic glass
Cooking surface
640 x 640
Number of fireplace(s)
3 years
24A par phase; 48A par phase
Control panel
Controls by remote keyboard and incremental encoder
Type of induction
Multizone Induction
800 x 350 x 500


Désignation : ADV182

16 zones multizone induction module


MO4NL is a three-phase module equipped with Adventys No-Limit multi-zone technology. This module is delivered with its own sub-base with 2 generators. No-Limit inovation has one principle : 1 inductor = 1 zone. You can also settle each zone independently and several cooking modes can be performed at the same time. You have the possibility to let your pans anywhere on the cooking surface.  The 16-inductor format allows you to place more than 15 pans on the cooking surface. The MO2NL offers 16 zones (16 inductors), and is available in 16.000W (1kw per zone) or 32.000W (2kw per zone) versions. The appliance is controlled by a touch-sensitive keypad and incremental encoders that control each inductor individually. Power (watts) or temperature (°C) can be set. The program function is also available with 3 storable settings.