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SK1i - Induction Module 650

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Number of fireplace(s)
2 years
Control panel
Capacitive touches control panel + incremental encoder
400 x 635 x 590

Induction Module 650

Designation : ADV2052

650 Range Induction 1 zone Module 

A new range intended for professional kitchens with a depth of 650mm which adapts to the smallest spaces. The induction module has a 3600W cooking zone. Compatible with the base of the range, its modular structure allows you to combine several devices from the same range to create a complete induction cooking line. The control panel has sensitive buttons for setting selection and an ESC (electronic spinless control) knob which allows 360°C rotation with a "pop-off" function to turn off the product. The power can be adjusted from 25 to 3600W and the temperature from 30 to 250°C. A storage drawer is placed on the front.

Cupboard available in foot or caster version - Sold separately.

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