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Induction Buffet warming induc elegance


Désignation : ADV1852

Customizable 1 zone induction buffet 


What is Induc-Elegance by Adventys? It is a designer, minimalist & trendy induction hob to enhance the look of your buffet! 1 zone of 300W or 1000W and a control panel with 3 buttons which allows a quick and easy handling with a start button and 2 power selection buttons. Its compact dimension of 390x390mm makes it light and easily transportable (check out our accessories section). You can easily and without risk stack several products thanks to the protective bumpers located on the 4 feet. It has the advantage of being totally customizable according to your wishes, you can select a color for the 4 sides or even choose to affix your logo, the 4 feet are also customizable. We offer 4 standard models but the combinations are endless. One of the particularities of Induc Elegance is the interconnection option. You can choose to link up to 4 products together with an optional interconnection cable that allows them to be linked and only need one electrical outlet. It is specially designed to be placed on a buffet, to accompany caterers during their service or simply to maintain food at temperature for several hours. This appliance is compatible with GN2/3 gourmet containers.