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flag French manufacturer of professional induction cooking equipment
Our history


Some dates

Founded more than 20 years ago in Seurre in Burgundy, Adventys is the leading French designer and manufacturer of equipment solutions and cooking / keeping warm solutions by induction. Jean-Luc Perot, current CEO, initially employed in the automotive sector, decided in 2005 to buy the company Adventys.


Creation of the company Adventys

Specialization in electronic subcontracting and development of the first range of professional induction hobs in France.
Creation of the company Adventys


Acquisition of the company Adventys

Jean-Luc Pérot buys the company Adventys and decides to devote himself to the development and marketing of induction technology.
Acquisition of the company Adventys


Adventys is growing

Purchase of a new building to double the production area. To visit the production plant, contact us!
Adventys is growing


Adventys launches into export!

We currently export to over 75 countries around the world.
  • - Export zone n°1: Asia
  • - Export zone n°2: United States
  • - Export zone n°3: Europe
Adventys launches into export!


Adventys builds!

Extension of the production area by manufacturing a new building to once again double the production area.
Adventys builds!


We store

Construction of a fourth building. This is dedicated to storage to optimize customer relations and deliver without delay.
Today, Adventys covers 3000m² of buildings and offices.
We store


A special year!

Global pandemic, closed restaurants ... Adventys remains proactive and is developing, for 2021, a new range of products for the general public market with the launch of a dedicated merchant site.
A special year!

Did you know ?

Adventys is a family business, Jean-Luc Pérot, the manager, was joined by his daughter Mathilde in 2008. She is now in charge of export trade. In 2020, Jeanne, his second daughter, joined him and is in charge of the industrial activity.

Our job

Adventys is founded on 4 main values:


Adventys is one of the few companies in Europe to have its own single-phase and three-phase voltage induction technology. For more than 20 years, Adventys has been manufacturing this technology for the Adventys brand but also for many partners. Induction is a safe technology that offers more benefits than any other technology: it saves energy, time and money while enjoying unique flexibility and precision. Learn more about induction


Innovation is the key word at Adventys, it is part of the company's DNA. Each year, the company invests 10% of its turnover in R&D, the teams continually develop new products and patents in order to meet the needs of each of its customers. With award-winning products and unique features in the market, Adventys sets itself apart by offering innovative products and patents and by continuously improving its existing product lines. Adventys patents have won several international innovation awards at industry trade shows.


The manufacturing process of Adventys products is based on vertical integration, which means that all stages of production are carried out in our premises, in Seurre, in Burgundy. This vertical integration ensures total control of the manufacturing process. The electronic cards are manufactured in our production workshops, the inductors are wound on site and the connectors also. The sheet metal work is used to shape the stainless steel parts and the products are then assembled on the assembly lines. Before being shipped or stored on the shelf, the products are tested by our quality department. In particular, this allows us to control the repairability of products and to be able to repair or replace down to the smallest components of each product.


In the early 2000s, Adventys products were already sold abroad but on a small scale, particularly in England and Italy. It was in 2008 that the company decided to enter global markets with the arrival of Mathilde Perot as export manager. The rise started with countries such as Dubai, Malaysia, but also Spain. Access to the United States was more perilous, but after a few years of work, Adventys induction equipment was able to be offered on the American markets.

What makes Adventys strong internationally is the assurance of 100% made in France production. French know-how is an important guarantee of quality for our customers.


Our team

Jean-Luc Pérot Jean-Luc Pérot

Jean-Luc Pérot

Mathilde Pérot-Bell Mathilde Pérot-Bell

Mathilde Pérot-Bell

Export Sales Director
Antje Krieger Antje Krieger

Antje Krieger

Regional Manager - Europe Zone
Florian Cikalleshi Florian Cikalleshi

Florian Cikalleshi

Sales Manager France
Vanessa Andreetto Vanessa Andreetto

Vanessa Andreetto

Sales Administration Manager France
Clara Pellegrini Clara Pellegrini

Clara Pellegrini

Communication & Marketing Manager
Emmanuel Rougetet Emmanuel Rougetet

Emmanuel Rougetet

Quality & After-Sales Manager
Anthony Flatot Anthony Flatot

Anthony Flatot

Draftsman Projector
Jeanne Pérot Jeanne Pérot

Jeanne Pérot

Production manager
Alberto Gomes Alberto Gomes

Alberto Gomes

Sheet metal manager
Séverine Gallien Séverine Gallien

Séverine Gallien

Assembly Workshop Manager
Marie-Laure Rousseaux Marie-Laure Rousseaux

Marie-Laure Rousseaux

Head of Electronic Unit
Céline Collanges Céline Collanges

Céline Collanges

Purchasing & Supply Manager


We master each of the stages of our manufacturing process, it is divided into several key stages:

The electronic workshop The electronic workshop

The electronic workshop

The electronic cards of our generators and our control panels are manufactured in our electronic workshop. Equipped with the latest electronic component assembly machines, some components are still assembled by hand to ensure high precision. Learn more about Adventys Electronics.

Sheet metal Sheet metal

Sheet metal

The stainless steel body of our devices is made in our sheet metal workshop. The metal plates are drilled, bent and welded on site.

Winding and gluing Winding and gluing

Winding and gluing

Another important step: the manufacture of copper inductors. At Adventys, we are equipped to wind different sizes of inductors, round, square, for our planchas and even a wok bowl size that adapts perfectly to our wok equipment. The gluing step is used to finalize the inductor manufacturing process and then the ceramic glass is glued to the body of the stainless steel product.

Assembly Assembly


The products are carefully assembled manually on 3 assembly lines and are then individually tested at the end of the line.

Storage and shipping

Storage and shipping

Some products are intended for stock, which allows us to ensure immediate product availability to our customers. The rest are directly prepared for shipment.

Repairability guaranteed by Adventys

  • Repair / replacement of all components of our products
  • Availability of spare parts for 10 years
  • Quick and easy disassembly for all interventions
  • No planned obsolescence

Electric waste recycling collection

Adventys is a member of the national eco-organization Ecologic, for the prevention, collection and recycling of electronic equipment.

Recondition = act for the environment:

  • Reconditioning of our equipment
  • Appearance restoration
  • Software reprogramming
  • Provision of a second choice store and loan products
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