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What are the advantages of this technology ?

Energy saving and respect for the environment

  • Induction efficiency 95% VS Gas efficiency 45%
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint and use of natural resources
  • Some countries encourage the choice of induction with financial aid

Smart kitchen

  • Temperature control to the nearest degree
  • Unique feature like pot quality test
  • Time optimization with the program keys
  • Internal temperature management of containers

Flexibility and adaptation

  • Multiple formats to meet as many needs as possible and adapt to existing installations
  • Adaptation to different types of cooking: wok, plancha, keeping warm, cooking
  • Space optimization with tailor-made solutions

Return on investment

  • Saving energy on top of saving money, reducing fixed costs
  • After-sales service parts are available for 10 years at Adventys, the smallest component of your product can be replaced, no problem for us since everything is homemade

How does induction works ?

Good to know

pan quality represents for 50% of system efficiency

The container used must be ferritic, ie it must contain enough iron.

Flat-bottomed containers are more efficient.

Du côté scientifique

An alternating current flows through the inductor which generates a magnetic field.

If a pan is placed on this coil, currents induced by the magnetic fields develop in the bottom of the container which creates heat.

There is no heating element, which gives it great safety. Cooking is done without any loss of heat, which makes induction the most economical technology

Choosing the right casserole dish, our advice

When using our induction equipment, the choice of your pan is very important. Pans must be ferromagnetic, stainless steel, steel or cast iron. We recommend that you use medium to high quality pans (3 to 5 layers) to optimize the efficiency of your equipment.

We also recommend using multi-layered pans with multiple layers on the bottom and sides, transferring energy even faster to the food to be heated.

Choosing the right wok pan

For cooking at very high temperature for a short time, we recommend choosing a standard 1-layer wok, stainless steel coating. If you choose multilayer, the different materials do not deform at the same temperature, which could lead to health and safety risks.

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