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Reviews of chefs

At La Marine, contemporary Marine & Vegetable cuisine 100% iodine, induction and its cooking flexibility allow us to expand our creativity. Start a shrimp broth at 100 ° C, immerse a fish and keep the mixture at 58 ° C, all without stopping the work. Induction sublimates the quality of the products ...
Alexandre Couillon,
Chef, La Marine , Noirmoutier, Michelin star.
Being one of the first users of the induction plancha, I was won over by its power, speed, efficiency, energy savings and ease of cleaning. Its cooking precision sublimates the quality of the products, a return to another cooking method is not possible.
William Boquelet,
Chef, Restaurant La Pomme , Michelin star.
Induction is freedom and simplicity in everyday life. This method of cooking, whether on classic stoves or on the plancha, brings as much control to our culinary creations as it does efficiency and power. Best of all, it saves precious time for cleaning.
Fabrice Noir,
Chef and owner of l'Air du Temps in Beaune.
Powerful, immediate, precise, efficient, practical, here are the qualities of induction in a nutshell. In addition to saving energy, temperature control allows new culinary creations which gives us, chefs, comfort and unconstrained use.
Thierry Molinengo,
Chef and collaborator of Guy Martin, Grand Véfour, 2 Michelin stars.
Very hard to go back once you've tasted induction. Third restaurant opening, third kitchen equipped with induction. Enhancement is reflected in aesthetics, cleanliness, speed, precision, safety and of course, saving energy and time. Cooking on induction is cooking up to date.
Jérôme Roy,
Chef at the Cloître (Couvent des Minimes) Mane en Provence
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